Sam Beckman Centre, Betty and Asher Loftus Centre

Sam Beckman Centre, Betty and Asher Loftus Centre, London N11

Located within the ground floor of Lady Sarah Cohen House, part of the Betty and Asher Loftus Centre, the Sam Beckman Centre provides specialist day care for people with dementia in a safe and stimulating environment.

The Centre was created by refurbishing space previously occupied by a large central catering kitchen. Typically the centre provides care for 25 clients, supported by 5 staff members.

A variety of multi-purpose spaces have been created to facilitate activities in large and small groups. These include lounge, kitchen/dining area, art room, library and garden room. Support spaces including offices, rest areas and accessible toilets and shower rooms.  Direct  access to a landscaped central courtyard has been provided for outdoor activities.

As with the new care home particular attention was given to spatial arrangement, lighting, finishes and fixtures to provide a safe, legible and welcoming environment for users.

Day care centre
Garden room and library